Safety in Motorsport

Crash testing

Safety is a serious matter.

That’s why our expert team is passionate about the tiny details of seats, harnesses and other vital components of your racing machine that really do make a difference in terms of safety. After all, there’s always a risk of damage in any form of competitive motorsport, but we must do all we can to reduce the likelihood of injury to you, the motorsport competitors of the world.

Some simple philosophies and facts about motorsport crashes:

- If you support the human body well enough in the right places and keep all parts of the body in the same relationship to each other, a body can withstand enormous decelerations with minimal or no injuries. 100G is quite survivable.

- The four parts of the body which need this support are the head, shoulders, pelvis and thighs.

- Lateral/side impacts cause more serious injuries than frontal impacts.

- The body should be stopped as close to the chassis deceleration as possible.

- Only 20% of body movement in a frontal deceleration is in belt stretch; the balance is body reconfiguration.

- Using a crash recorder in the field, we have measured an 81G lateral impact during use of a Racetech seat in a New Zealand motorsport class. The driver had no injury ... and the seat had no damage.