Racetech 119 Series

Building upon the successful 129 series, Racetech offers the same ergonomic form and incredible feature set but in a lighter and more affordable package. Used by many professional teams at both national and international level. Customise your seat further with low base cushions or add side cushions for support in the thigh area.

RT4119HRW Standard size, FIA approved
RT4119THR Tall size, FIA approved
RT4119WHR  Wide size, FIA approved
RT4119WTHR  Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT9119HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
RT9119THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
RT9119WTHR Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved


  • FIA 8855-1999 Homologation
  • Back mount capable
  • Cool air ducting
  • Removable back and base cushions
  • Variety of sizes to suit almost all-comers
  • Lightweight Kevlar/carbon option available
  • Shell weight from 4.5kg
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The ergonomics of the Racetech seat are the best I have ever had, the superior design provides the highest levels of strength and protection giving me the absolute confidence I need when racing.

Greg Murphy, V8 touring car legend
Back Mounted Design

Back-mounting your seat to the rollcage at the shoulder level provides improved safety during sideways and oblique impacts, reduces driver fatigue and enhances driver feel of the car.

Square Shoulders

The seat cradles the shoulders, providing what is often called ‘full containment’. Working in conjunction with the harnesses, this shoulder design contains the driver’s body during cornering and in an impact.

Air Ducting Capability

Racing professionally or over long distances? Connect an air-fed hose to the duct integrated in the rear of your Racetech seat and receive concentrated cooling to your lower back.

Vented Back Cushion

This vented cushion works in conjunction with our air-cooling duct to allow air to flow directly onto the driver’s lower back.

FIA 8855-1999 Homologation

The seat is FIA 8855-1999 approved and has a 5 year lifetime. The silver hologram is an anti-counterfeit method and is applied in the Racetech manufacturing plant on completion of the seat.

Model Material FIA 8855 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT4119HRW Fibreglass composite Yes 62 58 37 46 47 92 62 40 7.6 9.6
RT4119THR Fibreglass composite Yes 62 64 37 46 47 98 68 40 7.9 9.9
RT4119WHR Fibreglass composite Yes 67 58 41 50 47 92 62 44 7.9 9.9
RT4119WTHR Fibreglass composite Yes 68 64 41 50 47 98 68 44 8.3 10.4
RT9119HRW Kevlar/carbon Yes 62 58 37 46 47 92 62 40 4.5 6.5
RT9119THR Kevlar/carbon Yes 62 64 37 46 47 98 68 40 4.6 6.6
RT9119WTHR Kevlar/carbon Yes 68 64 41 50 47 98 68 44 4.9 7.0
      dimensions in cm weights in kg

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2.0MB 119 Series back mount installation guide