Seat Installation Instructions

To comply with NZTA, Motorsport NZ governing body and FIA regulations all Racetech seats must be fitted to your vehicle following the instructions below.

 SIDE MOUNTING: We recommend using Racetech brackets for mounting your seat as our brackets were designed for that express purpose and have been comprehensively tested in many forms of motorsport internationally. For 129 series seats, you must use the FIA 8862-2009 homologated brackets. When positioning the seat, you should aim for the seat-back-head to be at, or near, vertical.

 BACK-MOUNTING: For Racetech 119 and 129 series seats (except the RT4119HRW), it is mandatory to back-mount the seat to the rollcage/chassis at shoulder level to achieve FIA Approval. Racetech can supply brackets for this purpose. Use a minimum of two M8 ISO 8.8 cap screws (supplied with seat) to fix this bracket. Please refer to if detailed mounting examples are required.

>> Each seat must be mounted to the seat brackets in a safe, secure manner using M8 (class 12.9) cap screws supplied with the seat, applying 30Nm / 22 ft-lb torque. The large 22 x 3mm washers supplied must always be used with each cap screw. The seat brackets must be mounted to the vehicle chassis in a secure manner using engineering consideration.


NZ Specific Instructions

To meet NZTA requirements without the need for certification of your vehicle, a seat must be fitted to the factory seat mounts on the floor and, if applicable, the existing seat runners (or those from a reputable aftermarket brand).

If your Racetech seat is for use in a Speedway car in New Zealand it must be mounted following the Racetech Speedway Mounting Instructions found here.