Racetech 129 Series

Surpassing the stringent demands of the FIA 8862-2009 standard, the 129 series is Racetech’s no compromise pro-motorsport seat. Adept at cradling Bathurst winners and most of the V8 supercar competition, there is none better when it comes to comfort and safety. Side and back mounting brackets included in purchase price. 

RT4129HRW Standard size, FIA approved
RT4129WHR Wide size, FIA approved
RT4129WTHR Wide-tall size, FIA approved
RT9129HRW Lightweight, Standard size, FIA approved
RT9129THR Lightweight, Tall size, FIA approved
RT9129WHR Lightweight, Wide size, FIA approved
RT9129WTHRL Lightweight, Wide-tall size, FIA approved



  • FIA 8862-2009 Homologation
  • Back mount capable
  • Cool air ducting
  • Energy absorbing foam
  • Threaded bosses for fixing restraint nets
  • Lightweight Kevlar/carbon option available
  • Shell weight from 8.1kg
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The reason why I wanted to have a Racetech seat is that it is very safe, with its 6-point mounting. This also makes me feel the car much better because I feel any small moment and there’s zero flex in the seat.

Mattias Ekstrom, World Rallycross Champion
Back Mounted Design

Back-mounting your seat to the rollcage at the shoulder level provides improved safety during sideways and oblique impacts, reduces driver fatigue and enhances driver feel of the car.

Square Shoulders

The seat cradles the shoulders, providing what is often called ‘full containment’. Working in conjunction with the harnesses, this shoulder design contains the driver’s body during cornering and in an impact.

Air Ducting Capability

Racing professionally or over long distances? Connect an air-fed hose to the duct integrated in the rear of your Racetech seat and receive concentrated cooling to your lower back.

FIA 8862-2009 Homologation

The seat is FIA 8862-2009 approved and therefore has a 10 year lifetime. The gold hologram is an anti-counterfeit method and is applied to the seat in the Racetech manufacturing plant.

Model Material FIA 8862 A B C D E F G Mount Width Shell Weight Total Weight
RT4129HRW Fibreglass/Kevlar/carbon Yes 62 58 37 46 47 92 62 40 13.4 14.9
RT4129WHR Fibreglass/Kevlar/carbon Yes 67 58 41 50 47 92 62 44 13.5 15.0
RT4129WTHR Fibreglass/Kevlar/carbon Yes 68 64 41 50 47 98 68 44 15.4 17.9
RT9129HRW Kevlar/carbon Yes 62 58 37 46 47 92 62 40 8.7 10.2
RT9129THR Kevlar/carbon Yes 62 64 37 46 47 98 68 40 9.0 10.5
RT9129WHR Kevlar/carbon Yes 67 58 41 50 47 92 62 44 9.0 10.5
RT9129WTHRL Kevlar/carbon Yes 67 64 41 50 47 93 68 44 8.1 9.6
      dimensions in cm weights in kg

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